Subjects of Basic Economics 

The subject of Basic Economics is one of the subjects under the Technical and Vocational group to excel. The basic economics curriculum is formulated with the aim of giving students a solid understanding of the basic principles of economics to help students understand the modern world and make decisions that will shape the future. Through this subject, students are able to understand problems that stem from limited resources and make rational choices about their use. 

Understanding economics can also help individuals play a role as responsible consumers and producers in society. In addition, students can also understand and appreciate the function and role of banks and other financial institutions as well as acquire skills to find, understand and evaluate information related to the economy. With the knowledge and skills acquired, students can play an effective and meaningful role in daily life. 


Basic Economy Syllabus 

The basic economics syllabus is designed and formulated to contribute towards building a good, balanced and harmonious human being intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically in line with the National Education Philosophy. 


Many students face the same dilemma when deciding between the subjects they should take for their university entrance / advanced examination or which majors and subjects they should choose when studying for their bachelor’s degree. One of the choices that needs to be made is between studying economics and studying business. While students have the option to study both, certain universities prefer the variety of subjects that students should take rather than studying subjects covering similar aspects such as business and economics. This article aims to provide a clear explanation of each item and show how the two are similar and different from each other.


Definition of Economics 

Economics is defined as the social science that explores how the actions of firms, individuals, workers, customers, and governments can affect a country’s economy. Economics has to do with a variety of things including the study of business, politics, international relations, mathematics, and others. 

What Will You Learn in Economics 

Some of the things that you will learn are regarding key concepts used in economics teaching include supply and demand, interest rates, exchange rates, international trade, inflation, production, balance of payments, etc. The economy is centered around major issues in the world such as globalization, international trade, trade unions, politics, and how the choices made by various entities such as firms and governments can affect the country’s local economy as well as the global economy. 


What Can Studying Economics Teach You

Studying economics will teach you to think logically and learn theory and use it to understand how economics works. Students will be taught how to understand the problems and concepts that develop around complex aspects of the economy and how the economy is managed in a way that all groups of society in a country benefit as a whole.  


By learning this subject, you can understand more about the economic system, the currency, exchange rate and much more. If you have basic knowledge, it is easy to venture into business, nft, stocks and much more. Read more regarding Trending cryptocurrency news if you are interested in the economy. 

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