My Thoughts On Neighborhood Pricing and Location

Day by day, owning a house seems so hard to accomplish. The prices are insane. There are some unrealistic factors such as neighborhood status that also play a role in pricing. Who doesn’t know that the areas of Bangsar, Bukit Damansara, Bukit Tunku, Jalan Duta are indeed elite areas where the richest stay. Huh, I wish I was one of them.

One Menerung Condominium

You would not think that a condominium would be on this list aren’t you? Crazy. Me neither. One word to describe the condominium that is located in Bangsar known as One Menerung. This luxury condo made it to the Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Malaysia last year as well. Well look at you so shocked. I am shocked as well! There are only 229 units in total, you can be confident that you’ll be living comfortably and enjoying 5-star amenities such as a gymnasium. Some of the amenities include a gym, swimming pool, dance studio, and BBQ pits. Then, residents would not have to fight for a parking spot.

One thing you are paying for that price tag is the location. It is a strategic location. There is Bangsar Shopping Centre literally a stone’s throw away from you, there are lots of coffee shops and restaurants, not forgetting the highways that you could use such as SPRINT highway and Federal Highway. Property values here keep increasing day by day. Yes, you might think, insane! This price tag for a condominium? Hm, exact thoughts here.


Location and area plays an important role in real estate. The most expensive house last year according to the data above was worth RM16.5 million. Places like Damansara and Bangsar have one of the most prominent property prices. For instance, the bungalow with the most expensive request price, as of the date this article (2021) was written, is worth RM25,000,000.
Bungalow located at Bukit Bandaraya in Bangsar for RM16,500,000.

Serai Bukit Bandaraya

bukit seri bandaraya

For the past three yearsbukit seri bandaraya, Serai Bukit Bandaraya has represented Bukit Bandaraya in the top ten expensive homes in Malaysia. This is a two-and-a-half storey bungalow. In Bukit Bandaraya, there are luxury condos, terrace houses, semi-detached homes, bungalows, and bungalow lots. This residential place is for those who prefer to build their own dream home as the price tag is insanely crazy. Another factor that draws people to this location is its location and that It is strategically located where it only takes a 5-minute drive from Bangsar and a 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.


Even though a bungalow seems like the benchmark for a successful life, it really isn’t necessary. You might want to buy the bungalow as it seems like the perfect home you saw on the screen. If you watch television and film, most will feature rich people living in a big house.

Whatever it is, buy the house that is within your budget. Plan your finances well. It is essential for your future. After buying your house, don’t forget to decorate it well. Decorating a house is a fun process! So don’t be too stressed out while doing so.

Bonus Tips When Owning a House:

  • Find Cheapest Material With The Highest High-Quality Products Used.
    Work smart, not work hard. Try asking your contractor whether they know where to get their materials from and whether it is high-quality. Consult reputable metal company Malaysia.
  • Complete the construction plan.
    Before finalizing a building plan, it is recommended that you conduct some Internet research or seek opinions with the people around you like your parents and siblings.

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