Luckiest People in the Gambling World

Gambling is it really as they say? Is it really a game of luck? Well for several, Lady Luck was definitely on their side. In a way, malaysia gambling does involve you using all the skills that you have in order to secure that win but most importantly you need to be lucky. Some people in history had made their bet and got what they were aiming for. They made it big and gave the bank a run for their money. Some would just get lucky and earn the richest overnight without really having the first hand tutor or classes just to win. It all came down to their luck

So the very first lucky people that we will talk about is Patricia Demauro. This person here is someone’s grandmother. Yes, you read it right, grandmother. The night she gained the richest is when she was actually out with her friends. Her friends were actually playing the Craps when they went out. At first, she just wanted to stand there and watch but well it was not the case because she decided to go for a round. She basically started with only 10$. But surprisingly her very small bet went off with 154 consecutive wins. She did not say how much money she raked it that night but you could say that it was a huge win. 


Next is Cynthia Jay who was working as a waitress at the time of her win. She was actually saving her money to get married with the man of her dreams. But in one night she decided to have a go at a gambling game which was popular back then in Las Vegas. It was a slot machine called Megabucks. During that night, it was actually the day of her fiance’s mother’s birthday celebration. She played the game until the ninth pull which was when she hit the actual jackpot of $34,959,458.56. After that night, she got married two weeks later with the money. However, misfortune befell her after she got into an accident which left her paralyzed from the chest down. She got stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 


For the next lucky person is Archie Karas. Archie is what a person you call a seasonal gambler. It was when Archie had driven to Las Vegas with a $50 dollar bill with him. He had been suffering with a continuous loss which the last lost he took was in a casino in Los Angeles. He had a massive loss, a whopping $2 million! However, he did not take it as a reason to stop gambling. He continued on with his journey which he finally hit that jackpot and managed to repay his debt with a 5% interest rate. One would think that the winning streak that he got was just for one night. But surprisingly, he continued winning for 3 years in a row which then led him to own $40 million. He was definitely living the life of a winner. However, in the fourth year he started his losing streak and continuously lost money in the gambling game. All it took was a play at Craps. 

That concludes a list of people who profited and gained richest within the gambing world. Will there be anyone repeating this once in a lifetime moment? It may be you, but no one knows. You could also have a go to have a peek at this site. Best of luck!

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