Is it just a hobby or a gambling addiction?

When your gambling gets out of control, it can be extremely destructive and devastating to you and to those with whom you associate. Because a gambling addiction develops over time, you, your friends, and family members may not notice that your behavior is compulsive or getting out of hand. However, just because you play real casino online malaysia and enjoy gambling a lot does not mean you are addicted to it.


There are ways to determine whether certain behaviors and activities related to your gambling suggest that you are enjoying a recreational activity or if your gambling has become a compulsive habit with potentially serious consequences. Many people find help sorting through the interrelated mental health issues that may fuel gambling behavior in order to determine whether they have a mild gambling problem, a major compulsive and pathological issue, or just an expensive hobby that is all in good fun.


As with drug and alcohol abuse, it is often an indication that you have a problem if you are wondering whether you have a problem. If you are losing time from your everyday activities because you are gambling or thinking about gambling; spend more time gambling than you intended to; are gambling to escape worries or stave off boredom or loneliness; or spent money you needed to pay your bills or other expenses, you likely do have a gambling problem.


Are your friends and family expressing concern? They might be recognizing the ways in which your gambling is affecting you before you are. The sooner you seek help and treatment, the less damage to your finances, relationships, and work you will have to repair.


Would you like to stop? The first step to getting well is to accept that you have a progressive issue. It is so much easier to change when we want to, at least a little bit, and so much harder to change when we have to.


Quitting for a while or taking a break is a good indication that you have control over your gambling. It’s possible for some compulsive gamblers to go into remission where they gamble less or not at all. Without professional treatment, though, they will usually relapse.


Like other addictions, a gambling issue may wax and wane or come and go, just as different drugs become more in vogue depending on the zeitgeist. Many people who see me for addiction like to think of their compulsive behavior as the whack-a-mole game people play at carnivals. You can whack the mole, but it’s connected to something else and it will pop up again. It might pop up as a different gambling game, drug use, alcohol use, or shopping or food addiction. We must learn to live with these tendencies and become curious about how they work and what purpose they serve for us as individuals, our cultures, and society. With increased awareness and understanding, we can learn how to help ourselves and those we love and care about.

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