Interesting Ideas To Get Rid Of Boredom 

 Hi there. Hurm, keep sitting at home due to Covid-19, there must be a lot of people who feel bored of being trapped and can’t want to go out anywhere. Movement is quite limited, right? So, instead of not knowing what to do, it’s better that we make the best use of the time we have. Check out unifi Malaysia now.


Interesting Ways to Get Rid of Boredom


1/ Cooking a new recipe

Can try new recipes whether food, drink or snack (dessert). Recipe ingredients can be found through acquaintances, magazines or online.


2/ Exercise

Indeed, exercise is the easiest activity to do without involving large costs or expenses. If you are not an exercise practitioner before, you just need to do it lightly and simply to get used to it. Among the exercises that can be done are stretches, local running, rope jumping, leg and knee movements (high knees), push ups, meditation and others.


3/ Performing religious activities

There are lots of activities such as reading the Quran, reading materials according to their respective religions, dhikr, singing spiritual songs, reading the stories of the prophets and so on.


We will soon be fasting. Have you paid for your last fast? Or does anyone have to pay fidyah?


Those who forgot to change their fast until they have to pay fidyah, make sure you pay the value of fidyah according to their respective states, ok.


4/ Planting trees

Many benefits can be obtained from the activity of planting suitable trees in the yard or in the house as an ornamental tree, vegetables, fruit and so on.


Trees will refresh the home environment with oxygen supply as well as beautify the atmosphere and can be eaten for fruit or vegetable trees. Among the planting ideas are various types of flowers and orchids, papaya, dragon fruit, guava, tomato and a large selection of vegetables whose seeds are easily available in the nursery, online or through friends.


This activity requires a bit of planning to first prepare planting material such as seeds, soil, pots/containers, equipment and so on.


5/ Keep ornamental fish

This activity also requires early planning to provide the necessary equipment and materials such as fish seeds, aquariums, pond tanks, equipment and so on.


Knowledge on methods of preserving ornamental fish should be obtained either through friends, services from ornamental fish suppliers, obtaining information on the internet and so on.


Among the ornamental fish are goldfish, koi, gapi (peacock), molly, tiger barb and so on.


6/ Keep your favorite animals

Keeping a favorite animal can fill the space of time without being noticed as well as it is an entertaining activity.


There are also people keeping pets to a commercial level. This is because pets such as cats, rabbits, birds, chickens and so on have a high commercial value.


7/ Play musical instruments

Musical instruments like guitars, pianos, traditional instruments etc. are great ideas for art lovers in entertainment to practice at home.


When inclined to this activity will lead to continuity for oneself, those closest to us as well as the general public who at some point can generate income.


8/ Contact your loved ones like family or friends


When you feel bored without any activity, you can take advantage of this free time by contacting family or friends via phone, WhatsApp, chat, email and so on.


The benefits of this are to strengthen friendships, get to know the news and share each other’s latest stories.


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