How Video Can Help Boost Your SEO

In modern marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that is used over and over again. SEO plays a fundamental role in boosting the online presence of a business. Besides that, it also has a direct impact on increasing consumer engagement, conversions from potential to actual customers, and the sales revenue of a business. While most people are spending a lot of time on the Internet nowadays, be it on social media or researching on products and services, it is true that they will come across a lot of content, such as texts, images and videos. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at video content and how it affects the SEO of a business.

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As a business owner, one of the most effective ways to attract more user traffic to your website is through video marketing. Statistics show that businesses that use videos on their websites have better audience engagement. This means that video content will cause users to remain on your website longer, thus leading to search engines to read the content as relevant, which boosts your SEO ranking. Many marketers believe the rumors that search engines like Google favors search results with video over the ones without it. 

Search engines don’t merely scan through the text on a webpage to determine both the content quality and the relevance of it to search keywords and phrases. It also looks for other forms of media to see what you have to offer. If your websites include not only text but also high-quality visuals such as videos, it means that your pages will be as diversified as they are full of information, and it will boost your SEO efforts.

In a related manner, one of the factors search engines consider when deciding search ranks is the traffic volume of the website. If your website records a large number of repeat visitors, it’s very possible that they’re there for a good reason, and people who are searching for similar things will also find your content appealing. Users are more inclined to visit your website after seeing a video on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube than they are after viewing other types of content. In short, the more video content you produce, the more high-quality traffic you’ll be able to attract to your website, which will improve your overall SEO in the long term.

Similarly, search engines also consider quality backlinks to be one of the most important elements in determining search engine rankings. The more individuals who hyperlink to your content and website URL, the more influence you’re perceived to have. This also means a higher ranking on search results.

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In order to have a great video marketing strategy, simply creating video content isn’t enough. To boost a business’ SEO, you will need to produce high-quality video content and post it on your website. For example, a video introducing your corporate brand would be a great addition to your website’s homepage, and a product video would be an excellent complement to your e-commerce platform or product information on your website. To do so, you can hire the services of professional malaysia website designers.

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