How To Prevent Online Scams?

After experiencing online fraud, apart from the monetary loss, what is the impact on the victim’s psychological and mental state as well as on their work and life?

It depends on the victim’s view of money. If they look at it heavily, they can’t let it go and their heart is as heavy as a stone. If you analyse yourself from another perspective, think of it as buying yourself a lesson and breaking the money. Use this as a warning to yourself not to be impulsive in everything, because you don’t know that fraudsters are very clever, and as the saying goes, the longest road I’ve ever travelled in your set-up. Spotting these internet scams is actually quite simple as they generally have these distinctive features. 

First, low risk, high return. Nowadays, all kinds of illegal stock investments and foreign exchange investments are fraudulent under the banner of low risk and high return. The scammers are also using a variety of tricks such as dogemama scam with some unreliable links. 

The second, pay an initiation fee and take to developing a downline to maintain profitability. Most pyramid schemes nowadays follow this formula, making you pay an initiation fee, and after that, asking you to pull heads, linking your earnings directly to the number of your downline. Apart from pyramid schemes, there are other scams that also have an entry fee, such as those that require members and joiners to pay an entry fee or disguised entry fee under the banner of consumer rebates and rely on developing a downline to make a profit. 

Thirdly, information falsification. Many people who impersonate public prosecutors and law enforcement agencies use fake identity information or fake lawsuits to scare victims and defraud them when they have no time to check. There are also people who impersonate large companies and use fake websites or promotional materials to commit fraud, for example, some fraudulent companies will fake genuine APPs. This is actually not official software, so in addition to carefully checking the information, we can also double-check the developer and check the information of the company leader online to achieve double protection. These three characteristics are the obvious features of all kinds of scams nowadays, involving money matters, as long as there is one of them, you have to be alert because it is likely to be a scam. Having understood the characteristics of the scam, we then teach you a set of anti-scam guidelines to firewall your online activities and stop being duped.

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