Exceptional Performance Of The Time Fibre Home Broadband Malaysia

Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

Whether mobile or fixed, the teleworker needs a good network to work remotely and use all communication tools.

Working in the countryside, far from the hubbub of the cities… The idea is attractive, but the postcard can quickly tarnish if sending an email to your boss or participating in a remote meeting turns into a puzzle, for lack of a correct Internet connection.

To avoid ending up with a phone that only picks up at the bottom of your garden or a sluggish flow, several things are good to know. The unifi 300mbps is the best option for the best internet.

unifi 300mbps

Optical fibre and 4G

When the connection by his box is faulty, there is a workaround: the 4G mobile network, while waiting for 5G around which the debates are raging. Sharing your smartphone’s 4G network with a computer or tablet, or using a box offered by telecom operators, sending an email, communicating on Slack or WhatsApp, or following a videoconference on Zoom remains entirely possible.

Before sharing a connection via your telephone, you must ensure that you have an adequate Internet package, the data consumed in this way being deducted from this subscription.

Good reception is obviously essential. However, despite a national coverage rate of 99% claimed by Orange, Bouygues or SFR (Free is at 93%) and 55 million SIM cards sold, white areas persist, where the population is less dense.

Speed ​​for online video games:

  • 5 to 15 Mb / s depending on the platform. Find out more
  • Of course, with its 25 Mb / s required, Ultra-HD is out of reach for these uses. Therefore, Impossible to watch a movie in 4Kor play in this quality without a THD connection, preferably in optical fibre. 

Finally, for telecommuting or studies, what about throughput for videoconferencing applications?

Count 1.5 Mb / s for HD video calls on Zoom, and it’s the same rate on Skype. The latter nevertheless specifies that the necessary speed increases according to the number of participants in a videoconference: up to 8 Mb / s if there are 7 participants.

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