1.Ease of Use

Are you looking for a top host in Malaysia who can help you manage your website well? WordPress will not only help you host your web pages properly. It will also make your life easier because it is easy to use and powerful. Its menu is logically organized, and you can help yourself around with simple mouse-click selections.


WordPress started as a small blogging platform. However, with its good marketing, and clever use of plugins and other built-in features, it quickly grew beyond its very humble beginners. Today, whether you need to create a photography portfolio, or ecommerce website, you can turn to WordPress.

3.Free and Open Source

WordPress will always be an open and free source. This makes it easy to edit, use, find and redistribute. The result? Virtually all website hosting companies provide their users a convenient way to install it.


Plugins are important components to WordPress’ success. As the years progress, WordPress plugins are continuing to redefine all of its amazing capabilities. Several plugins operate autonomously, meaning people can use them, and mix and match them, in accordance to their needs. It can also keep maintenance costs affordable, since both individual plugins and WordPress update independently without affecting all the dependent components.


One of the most important advantages of any content management system is that people have the much-needed framework to build a visually appealing website, with just one click of a button. Just like plugins, WordPress themes manage the gamut from minimal, lightweight frameworks to full-featured templates with pre-populated images and written content.

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