What is the Perfect Watch for Every Occasion?

What is the Perfect Watch for Every Occasion?

What is the Perfect Watch for Every Occasion?

What do you think is the perfect watch for every occasion? Well, the answer actually depends on who you’re asking.
Some people would recommend to you an automatic watch with a more subdued look if you are attending a black-tie event. Other people might recommend a digital watch that comes with a chronograph feature if you are planning to join a marathon.
But to go back to the question that was posed as the title of this article, what is the perfect watch for every occasion? Read further to find out.

For the Office

The office is a place of uniformity. That is because there are always rules that people have to follow when they are in an institution and dress codes have to be followed like it is part of the ten commandments.
That being said, your choice of a watch can certainly help you up the ante a little bit and can help uplift your status higher than your peers.
For that reason, you’d want to go with the IWC Portugieser Automatic 7 Day watch. This is a 42mm watch that may seem like a chronograph watch, but in reality, the sub-dials are just for seconds and its power reserve.
Still, it looks really cool and is perfect for any office setting.

For Your Weekend Getaways

People have different plans for the weekend. Some would want to enjoy their time at home, while others want to go on a weekend escapade with their buddies.
No matter what the occasion is, the Nomos Club watch is the perfect timepiece for the weekend. It comes with a black dial and a black leather strip that really looks nice no matter where you look at it.
For your Friday night happy hours, this watch is definitely the one that you should consider.

For the Long Flights

If your job would require you to go to different locations all over the world, then I suggest that you invest your money to get your hands on the Rolex GMT Master. There are so many different versions of this watch, but I am just going to refer to the classic piece.
Anyway, this watch has a 24-hour scale which is quite useful if you are going to a location that uses a different time zone. Its rotating bezel can also be utilized in so many ways. For instance, if you plan on diving with it, you can tell how much oxygen you have left just by rotating the bezel in its appropriate position.

For the Wedding

Whether you are the one who’s getting married or it is your friend’s special day, the Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase 5712G is definitely the one that you should be wearing on such an occasion.
This particular watch from the famous watchmaking brand has a moon phase functionality and it comes in white gold. It looks classy and elegant and is definitely suited for a special event such as you or your best friend’s wedding.