1.Stock up on the essentials.

Pregnancy is not just about shopping for baby shoes in Malaysia. It’s also about comforting and taking care of yourself. When it comes to fashion, stock up on the most important clothing pieces. Layer tunics and vests over stretchy leggings. It’s comfortable, stylish and easy to manage each time you go for toilet breaks.

2.Keep your style casual.

Do you prefer under-the-bump or over-the-bump jeans? This choice is very important, since when It comes to maternity fashion, comfort is always a priority. By keeping things casual, you can ensure comfort, most especially if your legs are swollen.

3.Keep your style.

If you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, there is no reason to suddenly shift your style to floral dresses, only because you are pregnant.

4.Pick natural fabrics.

Maternity wear must tick three crucial boxes—durable, stretchable and breathable. Don’t wear synthetic fabrics such as polyester. These fabrics hold heat, making you feel itchy and sweaty. It’s best to go for natural fibers like cotton.

5.Perfect support

Choose the most appropriate maternity bra for you. It’s crucial to wear the right type of bra when you are pregnant. Of course, your breasts need support more than ever.

6.Select fitted clothing pieces.

Fitted maternity clothing pieces are perfect for showing off the baby bump with pride. You just need to see to it that they are not very tight. Tight clothes will put pressure on yoru belly. This wouldn’t hurt your little one, but cause discomfort.

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