1.Munchkin BPA-free Bottle

Looking for the right baby milk bottles in Malaysia can be overwhelming. There are tons of brands and variants to choose from. If you are worried that using a baby milk bottle would throw off the latch of your baby, consider this one. It is created to stretch like a genuine nipple, helping your little one to latch well.

2.Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles

Getting rid of plastic in the household is a must for several parents, so picking a good glass milk bottle should be a priority. This specific wide-neck, glass bottle is loved by many babies and parents. It is the first bottle in the market that is convertible, and can be utilized with or without a reliable vent system.

3.Medela Breast Baby Milk Bottle Set

Breast milk pumping is a touch job. As a mom, the last thing you would want to do after a long day is to clean milk bottles and pump parts. If you choose a Medela pump, you can cut odwnt he cleaning session. All you need to do is pump into the milk bottle, put the nipple on, and then your little one is ready to feed.

4.MAM Newborn Gift Set

Is your baby suffering from reflux? This bottle are designed for infants with reflux in mind. It has a patented vented base that eliminates air bubbles, so it wouldn’t get trapped in your kid’s tummy. This milk bottle is also created with breastfeeding mothers in mind.

5.Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Milk Bottle

This milk bottle can be bought in either 8 oz or 6 oz size, so it’s good for infants and older babies alike. You can easily introduce this one to your little one because it has a wide mound, along with a naturally shaped nipple that can prevent confusion.

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